Exponentially One

Yesterday afternoon while Rick was working, he texted me “I’ve got some exciting news to share with you.”  I replied with, “WOOT! I can’t wait to hear about it.”

I was eating dinner when he came home.  He grabbed a plate and sat down with me.  I told him about my day and then he said, “So about my news.”  I put my fork down and said excitedly, “Yes, please tell me.”

“So, this morning I’m just driving and this thought pops in my head.  I think to myself, ‘how wild would it be to hear from Gary Jones.’ Well, later in the morning, I see that I missed a call from Gary Jones.  You know how I know two Gary Jones’, right? Gary Jones with wrestling and Gary Jones with music?”

“Yeah sure, I remember.”

“Well, I listened to the voicemail but it was a bit garbled.  All I can make out is ‘Rick, this is Gary. Call me when you get a second.’  So, I click on more info to see which Gary it was that called.  It was Gary Jones the musician.” Rick was smiling.

“Oh wow, really?”

“Yeah, so listen to this. I call him back:”

“Hi Gary, this is Rick I missed your call. What’s up?”

“Hey Rick, thanks for calling me back.  So you know I’m in a couple tribute bands, right?”

“Yeah, of course…”

“Well, our drummer’s work schedule is changing and he won’t be able to commit to a handful of gigs that we already have scheduled – festivals, concerts, etc. – and so I know you are an awesome drummer and can sing his part so I thought I’d check to see if you’re available.”

My eyes filled with tears.

Rick went on to finish but hesitated, “Wait, why are you crying?” he asked, smiling curiously.

“Just keep telling your story. I’ll tell you when you’re finished.” I wiped my eyes.

“Well, first of all I’m just totally mind blown that I’m getting these compliments from such an incredible and established musician.  Second, how awesome that he’s asking me to play with them.”

“Well, yeah of course.  I can imagine why you’d feel like that.”

“I told him how my schedule is pretty flexible and that I would make this a priority.  He said that he was happy I said that and then asked me if I was available on Wednesday.  So, I was like ‘hell yes, I’m available!’

“Honey, that is so awesome.”

“I know, right.  I wasn’t looking for anything, you know.  Not trying to force something into being.  It so out of the blue.  But how crazy that I was totally thinking about how it would be wild to get a call from Gary and then he calls.”

“That’s your intuition working, honey,” I replied.  I smiled and had tears filling my eyes.

Rick sweetly chuckled and asked again, “baby, why are you crying?” as he gave me a napkin.

“Okay, so listen.  While you were talking, I was trying to recall exactly what led up to what I’m about to share with you, but I’ll do my best to piece it together and articulate it all.”

“Saturday while I was on my run, I come to a point where I find myself saying a prayer for you, praying that you could be doing something you love and then all of a sudden, I see you on some big stage at like an outdoor concert playing the drums and I got teary eyed as the next thought that immediately follows is, ‘I could totally support him doing that.’

“What? No way! Did you really think that?” Rick asked a bit in disbelief and a bit knowing I wouldn’t lie.

“Absolutely, I did. I can totally remember where I was on the trail when I was thinking about you and all of this.  Baby, I was totally envisioning you doing exactly what Gary is calling you on.  So that’s why I started crying as you told me your exciting news.  This intuition kind of freaks the s@$# out of me some times; in a good way.” I laughed.

“So where do you think that all came from?” Rick asked smiling and wiping my tears.

“Well all I know is that 5, more so 10 years ago, I couldn’t have supported you in that arena.  There was too much sabotage going on and fear of abandonment; we just were no where in the place we are now – confident in ourselves, each other and most of all in our marriage.”

“I get it and completely agree. I love you and that you are so supportive of me.  Words just can’t express how much.”

“I know. I feel it more than you know.”


I share this story with you not necessarily because of the subject, but the picture it paints of just how both of us were completely present and able to acknowledge and listen to our intuition.

For as long as I can remember, Rick and I finished each other’s sentences.  When instant messaging and texting came about, we’d send the very same message to each other at the same time.  And on top of all of that, so often we have what we call ‘get outta my head’ moments where one of us will say something only for the other to say, “I was literally just thinking about that.” But this particular experience – me thinking about Rick playing drums at an outdoor concert and Rick thinking how cool it would be to hear from Gary who calls him just a few hours later to inquire about his interest in playing drums in some upcoming outdoor concerts – is a complete first. To be so completely present that we’re overwhelmed with so much emotion.

Why so much emotion?

Part of it is my recent observation and acknowledgment of the importance of setting intentions and believing that we are worthy of our dreams coming true.  Something like this – this story – is a dream come true for Rick and it’s a dream come true for me to see my best friend be able to do something he loves so much and making an income from it (that in itself is something he’s struggled with since I’ve know him – and I’m no exception to that struggle).

The other part is recognizing just how connected Rick and I are, how enduring our marriage and friendship is, how confident we are that we are exactly where we are supposed to be, how much we want the same things for each other and our marriage and our family, and just how confident we are in believing we deserve all of this!   This part is completely overwhelming to me.  Considering where we were and what we endured, I am simply amazed to put it lightly.  And, knowing this reminds Rick and I all the time that we never want to take what we have at this very moment for granted, ever!

Therefore, being present will keep us exponentially one. Mathematically that’s not possible, I know. But metaphorically… absolutely!!

I inspire hope bringing families together! Blissfully married to @rhawkins18 & immensely proud mom three young adult children. Loves writing, laughing, dancing, crossfit, photography & hats!

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